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Engage with our course through interactive quizzes and dynamic video content to make your learning experience both fun and effective.


Gain invaluable knowledge from Workpath's seasoned OKR experts, who bring real-world expertise right to your screen.

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Upon completing the course, you'll receive a certificate demonstrating your OKR fundamentals understanding and readiness.

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Learn at your own pace with our flexible course structure designed to fit your busy schedule without compromising quality.


Discover our OKR Masterclass and other trainer-led courses! 

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FAQs about OKR E-Learning Courses

What is OKR Certification and what will I achieve at the end of the course?

Upon completion, you'll receive a badge that demonstrates your foundational understanding of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and your readiness to apply these principles within your organization. While this badge is not an OKR Coach certification, it is a critical step toward advanced OKR mastery. For those who want to go further, our Masterclass offers a pathway to OKR Coach certification.

Can I try the course before I buy?

Absolutely! The first three chapters of our OKR Basics e-learning course are available free of charge. This allows you to experience the quality and style of our content and help you make an informed decision before committing to the full course.

What makes your OKR training different?

Our training takes a customer- and outcome-oriented approach, incorporating industry-leading ideas and practical applications. By focusing on pragmatic solutions, we ensure that our training is directly applicable in the real world, making it uniquely beneficial for learners. Plus, with the first three chapters free, you have a risk-free opportunity to evaluate the course firsthand.

Who should take this online OKR course?

Our course is designed for a wide audience-from beginners curious about OKRs to team leaders and managers looking to expand OKR knowledge across their workforce. It's also ideal for individual contributors who want to align their efforts with organizational goals.

How long does it take to complete the course and how much does it cost?

The course is designed to be completed in as little as three hours of study time and offers a flexible, self-paced format. The full course is available for $94.01, which includes lifetime access and a certificate of completion.

 Do you offer free OKR training materials?

Yes, the first three chapters of our course are completely free. These initial chapters provide a solid introduction to OKRs and our teaching approach. For further learning, we encourage you to enroll in the full course.

Is there support available while I am taking this course?

Yes, we provide support for all of our learners. If you have any questions or need assistance as you progress through the course, our team is ready to help.

I'm a manager. How can this course help me implement OKRs in my team?

While this course focuses primarily on the basics of OKRs, managers will find it valuable in understanding how to align and motivate their team around common goals. In addition, the course can serve as a foundation for scaling OKR knowledge throughout your organization.

Will I be certified as an OKR Coach upon completion?

You'll earn a badge that validates your foundational knowledge of OKRs. To become an OKR Coach, we invite you to continue your studies with our Masterclass, which will prepare you for the certification exam.

How do I access the online course and what are the technical requirements?

Our OKR Basics e-learning course is accessible online through our platform. You'll need a stable Internet connection and a device capable of streaming video content (such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone). The first three chapters are free so you can start learning right away.

Can I get OKR Certification for free?

While the first few chapters of our course are free and provide a basic understanding of OKR principles, completing the entire course will earn you a badge signifying your understanding of these principles. This badge is not the same as OKR certification. For those seeking official certification, we recommend our Masterclass, which prepares you for the OKR Coach certification exam.

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